Hi, I'm Hannah

I help savvy entrepreneurs who struggle to find focus, breakthrough their mental barriers so they can inspire and impact the world

hey there savvy entrepreneur...

I can see your big ambitious ideas!

If only you could get past your procrasti-learning, self-doubt over whether you can truly make it, overwhelm with everything you ‘should’ be doing, and indecision on the best next step.

I can see your frustration at feeling like you are constantly in the ‘building phase’…rather than actually running your business.

What if the things holding you back could be turned into your biggest strengths?

What if you could confidently inspire and impact your world?

If you are passionate about leaving an imprint on others’ lives, and doing so with joy, creativity, and authenticity – then check out my free mini course or explore the ways you can work with me.

Discover Your Core Values

Want to build a business that you wake up feeling passionate about everyday?

Take my free Core Values Quiz to find out how you can build a business that aligns with your true values as an entrepreneur.

By discovering your values you can begin telling your story in a way that your customers can connect to on an emotional level.

Through understanding your value archetype it will enable you to:

  • Feel motivated when the going gets tough
  • Understand the direction you want your business to take
  • Make better decisions quicker
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Figure out where you shine best
  • Act authentically and with purpose

After the quiz you will be emailed your personalised values report.  The report outlines which values resonate best with you and provides detailed descriptions of your value archetype

Free 5 day mini-course

Finally get over that ONE THING holding you back

Are you struggling with your best next step?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lacking in confidence to just get going with what needs to get done?

Are you trying to find work arounds, or moving ahead with something, only to second guess it and start all over again?

This 5 day free mini course is here to save the day!…or maybe your entire business.

The purpose of this course is to take 1 thing holding you back…and DO IT!

I don’t mean those flyers you’ve been meaning to post.

No idea what that thing is yet? Not sure that anything is holding you back – you just seem stuck?

Well pop on in to the challenge and surprise yourself.

Time to move forward on your business TODAY! What have you got to lose?

Join the Free Mini-Course

6 Week Group Programme

do you want the support of a 1:1 programme with the accountability of a community?

Quick checklist.. are you…

Building a business that you feel passionate and inspired by, but find it difficult getting other people enthusiastic about your idea?

Are you constantly second guessing your best next step? Do you try something, only to turn around scrap it and try something else?

Spending your time doing more research and learning because you feel not quite there, not quite ready yet?

Wondering “Am I really cut out for this?”, “Why do others seem to be doing so well and I’m just floundering?

Imagine if…

You were able to show up in the world confident, optimistic, energetic, empowered, and feeling valued.

Your work and personal life aligned with your values

You were able to set meaningful goals which you were able to action and see results from.

Family, friends, and clients respect your time and the work you do.

You could confidently attract the right customers, enthusiastic about the value you provide for them.

We will be using my signature SELFCARE strategy to...

  • Delve into the beliefs you have about yourself, your business, and your success
  • Identify your key strengths and how you can use them to make real progress in your business
  • Align your business and life to what you value – so that you can be happier and more authentic in your journey
  • Identify your unique combination of energy sources – which will enable you to stay focused and motivated when the going gets tough
  • Break through mind chatter so that you can move forward with what you need to do to bring your value to your clients

I'm in! How do I get on a programme?

Whilst I’d love to work with EVERYONE. I do have to make sure that you’re going to be a good fit for the group.

This is why I invite you to express interest first.

You will then get a no obligation 10 minute zoom call from me, so that I can chat with you about your fit with the programme.

Don’t worry, it really isn’t scary!

It gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the programme AND enables me to understand your motivations, and know that I’ve got you in the right group for your needs.

About Me

mindset specialist for entrepreneurs

I get into your brain, and help rewire it for success.

Am I a business coach?


There are hundreds and thousands of free resources and paid programmes which will teach you how to get more followers, create and launch programmes, get clients, and curate your social media.

So why haven’t you got to that next level yet?

Why is it just not ‘clicking’?

Put simply – it’s all in your head. All your ability to fail, and succeed, is in your head.

That is where I come in.

Yes I have experience in business, however my real strength is getting your head in the game.

Because, let’s face it, if you’re not in the game, you can’t have a hope of winning